Tonight my husband and I went to the Halloween store that's been set up in our local shopping mall.  I love Halloween stores.  They're so amazingly, over-the-top grotesque.  But my favorite things in the store were these.
Next to the costume party award ribbons was this delightfully lime-green adornment that declared the wearer "Zombie Approved."  Grade A Brain Meats, yesiree.

After the Halloween store, we hit up some local discount department stores looking for deals on shoes for my Halloween costume, which is where I found this:
Why yes, those are the last two Brains! Cupcake Kits that were on the shelf at my local Gordman's.  They are now on my kitchen counter.  I can't decide what I like more - the step-by-step instructions on how to pipe brains onto the cupcake, or the skull and spiders cupcake wrappers.

At any rate, I sure hope they're tasty.  At the High Plains Zombie Regional Fair, I bet they won the green ribbon.

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