For the record, papercraft is pretty cool.  People who use their amazing spatial reasoning to create cool papercrafts? Even cooler.
You'll find this little guy here, on Jerome's Blog. I don't read French nor super-trust Google Translate, but I'm pretty sure Jerome is the designer. Rock on, French Jerome!
This weekend was full of homework, weaving, and Sims 3 Pets for me.  In the latter, I've accumulated at least five horse-gnomes on my lot.  It's kind of creepy and weird.
These are someone else's gnomes.
The only reason I mention these mystical lawn ornaments is due to today's (yesterday's?) link for Zomtober.
"Gnomes Bye Bye Birdie" is a sculpture by Etsy seller ChrisandJanesPlace.  It's apparently part of a series of Zombie Gnomes.

I have to admit - I'm kind of glad that my Sims 3 gnomes don't feast upon my other unsuspecting lawn ornaments.

Speaking of feasting, enjoy this Zombie Food Pyramid by DeviantArt's CaptainMyotis!
So yesterday's Zomtober Delight was a teensy weensy yarn zombie.  Today, thanks to the ghost in the randomizer, we continue in that vein.
This fridge magnet that will remind any undead intruders that they'd better keep their decomposing paws off your stash (because what are they going to do with it anyway? Huh? HUH?) is available at Tinaseamonster's etsy store.
For those who don't know, I knit.  It's always a bad (or at least adventurous) idea to ask me what I'm knitting at any given time.  So when I saw this little guy, I made a very high-pitched squeaky noise.
Tiny Zombie
Can't you imagine an army of these little guys tromping across a refrigerator or a Christmas tree?  Too adorable.
You lucky, lucky people.
via Reddit
It's actually via a post a coworker made on one of my social networks, but I thought you'd appreciate a larger image.

I'm digging the matching hair and aprons.  The image also reminds me of a scene from Resident Evil: Extinction in which Joe Hursley (Otto) shakes unlabeled cans to guess what's in them when passing out rations.

So remember to stock up, an also to keep an inventory so you can avoid having "mystery meals."
I'm not a Mac user, but I have to say, I enjoy the decals that people put on their Macbooks.  So when I saw this one, I had a moment of geeky, zombie glee.
Stickerman has a lot of neat stickers for you Apple-heads, including some basic argyle and everyone's favorite goblin king from the 80s.
This came through on my Threadless newsletter today.
The design is by Budi Satria Kwan, and reminds me of the Dawn of the Dead poster.  Gorgeous!
I didn't know until this Zomtober who exactly was behind the iconic "Hope" posters from Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential Campaign.  I do know though - Shepard Fairey!  But he didn't make this one.
Parodies of Fairey's art have sprung up all over the internet for basically every niche and fandom that exists.  I have to say, I'm a little more partial to Twilight Sparkle staring down at you and demanding that you read than I am our nameless Zombie Candidate, but that's just me.

At the same time, I doubt I could away with hanging either in our library.

Now if it was a zombie pony...

Yes, that's right. Medieval zombies.

They're in a Burgundian book of hours, and you can see them here, in the digital facsimile hosted by the Harvard University Library.

I don't get the abdomen holes, but I'm sure there is a scientific explanation that includes bacteria, decay, and gas.  I also have to give credit to GotMedieval, without whom I would have never found this gem.
I've compiled a list of zombie-related items from around the web to share with you during the month of Oct- I mean, Zomtober.

Zomtober is a special time of year where we remember our loved ones and solidify our resolve to shoot them in the head should they ever try to feast on our brains.

Why Zomtober?  Because there should be a month dedicated to zombies! And also I have all of this zombie stuff that I threw in a list randomizer...

For the first day of Zomtober, my gift to you is this lovely vintage-y scientific illustration of a brain.  If Zombies had restaurants, images like these would be framed and hanging on the walls.
Beautiful, isn't it? Check out the Etsy store Curious Prints for more of the delightfully macabre.