So back in the beginning of Zomtober, I made lots of girlish noise about a Brain Cupcake Mix.  Today was our staff dress up for Halloween, so I made some goodies to share with my coworkers.  I had planned to make graveyard cupcakes and the brain cupcakes.

I only brought the graveyards.

For something that comes in a box, you'd think it would be dummy proof.  So I'm going to give the cupcake mix the blame.  If I can make Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker without problems, there's no reason why a mix/icing mix like this should taste as bad as it did.  The cupcake tops fell off when I took them out of the pan, and my husband had nothing but foul descriptions for the icing's consistency.

So steer clear, or else you may contract a flesh eating virus that makes you want to eat human flesh rather than cupcakes.

I will post pictures of my graveyard cupcakes (devil's food with raspberry Milano gravestones, oreo dirt, and green icing grass) later, but for now, enjoy this cool neckwear!
Searching "blood choker" gives you lots of different options for this bloody style of accouterment in Etsy.  Wear it this Zomtober to remind your loved ones of the proper procedure for Zombie disposal. 

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