Happy Zomtober! - Zombies in the Stacks: A Pathfinder
I've compiled a list of zombie-related items from around the web to share with you during the month of Oct- I mean, Zomtober.

Zomtober is a special time of year where we remember our loved ones and solidify our resolve to shoot them in the head should they ever try to feast on our brains.

Why Zomtober?  Because there should be a month dedicated to zombies! And also I have all of this zombie stuff that I threw in a list randomizer...

For the first day of Zomtober, my gift to you is this lovely vintage-y scientific illustration of a brain.  If Zombies had restaurants, images like these would be framed and hanging on the walls.
Beautiful, isn't it? Check out the Etsy store Curious Prints for more of the delightfully macabre.

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