Organ Trail - Zombies in the Stacks: A Pathfinder
Today's Zomtober link might just be my favorite out of the entire list.
The Men Who Wear Many Hats took a beloved game from my childhood,  removed the buffalo and iconic 19th century landmarks and added in zombies.

How awesome is that?

In Organ Trail, you and your party are trying to make it from the east coast to the west in a station wagon while evading the zombie hordes that ravage the landscape.  You have to scavenge for food, protect yourself from raiders, and deal with the other trials of the road.
When I first came across this game, my thoughts immedieately went to our Zomtober library programming.  After all, the original Oregon Trail was no piece of cake!  The opportunities to share screen shots of progress via social networks (the ability play via Facebook!) are just screaming for this game to be used as the foundation for a teen-centered gaming tournament.  

Winner gets a copy of Max Brook's World War Z?  Fido? Or how about a backpack of survival gear? The possibilities are endless!

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