There are some days when I don't know what I would do if I didn't have John Pappas, my Outreach Director.  He's got a mind for numbers and tactical internet invasion that make my feeble non-attempts look like Charles II.

So anyway, today John pushes me into site optimization for this pathfinder.  It's not really something I think about, but looking at the Google trends page for "zombie" was really interesting.  If anyone was looking for some hard data on how popular zombies have become over the last decade, look no further.  Or do, but start here.  Because it's awesome.

I've also added two links to the page - one is to The Zombie Librarian, a blog that reviews both zombie literature and film.  You can find it under Web Resources.  The other is the graphic novel library orientation guide produced by the Miller Library at McPherson College - Library of the Living Dead.  Both are excellent resources to check out.


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