As the end of Zomtober approaches, we're all preparing ourselves for the festivities at the end of the month.  Zomtober is a great time of year to hold a Zombie Awareness Walk.  These demonstrations help prepare your community in the event of an undead uprising.

Participants in these walks vary - some disguise themselves as the undead while others pose as victims or exterminators.  If you are interested in taking the former role, check out this resource to put together convincing camouflage.
Just make sure it's not too well done or you might end up a foot shorter.
I'll admit, I never owned any of the Littlest Pet Shoppe toys.  I was a Maple Town/My Little Pony kind of gal.  But that doesn't mean that I don't adore these little guys.
I think the bunny might be my favorite.  Also, they might glow in the dark, which would be awesome.

Archie McPhee has a lot of cool zombie-toys to help teach your child about the finer points of surviving the undead apocalypse. 
In the tradition of "Talk Like a Pirate Day," I'm wondering if there should be a "Talk Like a Zombie Day" in Zomtober.  Then again, there are various cities with their respective Zombie Crawls where people can celebrate Zomtober by dressing up like the undead and drilling their fellow humans in how to behave during a zombie attack.  For the little ones who may find it easier to blend into the horde, consider this teaching tool by Steve Mockus.
That's right, that little keypad on the side is so that you can listen to proper zombie pronunciation. Inflection in Zomspeak is very important.  Raarrhrg is an entirely different word than RaaRRhrg, and the last thing you'd want to do is say something offensive or awkward that would blow your cover.
I'll just leave this here.
So yesterday's Zomtober Delight was a teensy weensy yarn zombie.  Today, thanks to the ghost in the randomizer, we continue in that vein.
This fridge magnet that will remind any undead intruders that they'd better keep their decomposing paws off your stash (because what are they going to do with it anyway? Huh? HUH?) is available at Tinaseamonster's etsy store.
For those who don't know, I knit.  It's always a bad (or at least adventurous) idea to ask me what I'm knitting at any given time.  So when I saw this little guy, I made a very high-pitched squeaky noise.
Tiny Zombie
Can't you imagine an army of these little guys tromping across a refrigerator or a Christmas tree?  Too adorable.
I've really been enjoying the feedback I've gotten from fellow Zomtober celebrants via Google+. So thanks to Daniel Jarratt for these two videos, found on the University of Florida's George A. Smathers/Marston Science Library webpage.  The first features the 2010 Humans vs. Zombies campus event, and the second is a silent film that includes flashing images.
I have a confession. The animation of inanimate objects with a sociopathic agenda really freaks me out. So while I love zombies, I have a feeling that if Legos came to life and were the undead, I'd run screaming into the hills and hug a shotgun.
As for playing "zombie apocolypse" with the rest of your Legos? I'm all for that. Teach those children/teenagers/people who love Lego how to survive through visual aids and the power of play!

I vote for the ability to zombify most any Lego-person. Ancient Rome? Done. Castle-folk? Done. Batman? Why not? Get to it, Lego! 
There are some days when I don't know what I would do if I didn't have John Pappas, my Outreach Director.  He's got a mind for numbers and tactical internet invasion that make my feeble non-attempts look like Charles II.

So anyway, today John pushes me into site optimization for this pathfinder.  It's not really something I think about, but looking at the Google trends page for "zombie" was really interesting.  If anyone was looking for some hard data on how popular zombies have become over the last decade, look no further.  Or do, but start here.  Because it's awesome.

I've also added two links to the page - one is to The Zombie Librarian, a blog that reviews both zombie literature and film.  You can find it under Web Resources.  The other is the graphic novel library orientation guide produced by the Miller Library at McPherson College - Library of the Living Dead.  Both are excellent resources to check out.

Who says Zombies can't be poetic? There're zombie songs, poetry, and multiple cases of zombie haiku - and now can add to the tradition by creating your own undead verse with magnetic poetry!